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The Orbiter: Satellites Untangling the Supply Chain
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Mariupol in ruins

Navigating Global Upheaval

While the pandemic put severe strain on supply chains around the globe, wars and the threat of them can cause just as devastating disruptions. Satellite data and communications are of prime importance during such times of upheaval. SSPI has explored these issues and more in multiple podcast series, as well as in May’s edition of the New York Space Business Roundtable.

New York Space Business Roundtable: If Taiwan Goes, Does Commercial Space Go with It?

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The New York Space Business Roundtable contributed to the Untangling the Supply Chain campaign in May by asking a key question: “If Taiwan Goes, What Else Goes With It?”

The bombs falling in Ukraine have raised major geopolitical issues in Asia. One in particular will seriously impact the future of the commercial space industry. Taiwan’s significance to the world’s supply chain, high-value technology base, microprocessors and the civil life and laws upon which democracy depends are well known. Could the industry be a casualty of a Chinese invasion?

Speakers for this converation included:

  • Dr. Ting-Jung (TJ) Liang, Principal Engineer, Long Range Communications Technology, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan
  • N. Darius Sankey, PhD., Managing Director, Innovation Acceleration Capital
  • Dr. Robert Spalding, Co-CEO, Q-Networks, author, STEALTH WAR: HOW CHINA TOOK OVER WHILE AMERICA’S ELITE SLEPT (Portfolio; 2019)
  • Thomas Yen, CEO & Co-Founder, Tensor Tech
Dr. Ting-Jung Liang, N. Darius Sankey, Phd., Dr. Robert Spalding and Thomas Yen
Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute’s Dr. Ting-Jung (TJ) Liang (far left), Innovation Acceleration Capital’s N. Darius Sankey, PhD. (center left), Q-Networks’ Dr. Robert Spalding (center right) and Tensor Tech’s Thomas Yen (far right)

This edition of the New York Space Business Roundtable is also available as a podcast:

This podcast is the sixth and final episode of the Untangling the Supply Chain podcast series. The series was underwritten by Airbus OneWeb Satellites.

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Ensuring Communications During War

In this podcast, we hear from Nick Burrett, Senior Sales Manager at Speedcast. Nick joins SSPI Director of Development Louis Zacharilla to discuss the role satellites have played in maintaining vital communications during wartime in Ukraine.

This podcast is the third episode of the Satellites & Ukraine podcast series.

Nick Burrett
Speedcast’s Nick Burrett

Header image courtesy of Reuters, Alexander Ermochenko

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